Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The fast approach is something we all want. I think that's just overall bad train of thought. We all want FAST AND RIGHT NOW. Or we're just lazy let's be realistic. Who wants to be in the kitchen all day? Well if I tell you my secret... 2x a week bulk cooking saves me money and gives me time to study or to be with family.  Especially having my beautiful little girl who needs my attention but instead of excluding her I involve her. Those who truly love you will be there 100% of the way. Although you'll still be judged because it’s just not normal to see someone be so passionate about nutrition; I guess, but you'll be admired. Now of course that doesn't mean you have to live a "bodybuilder" lifestyle. I just really encourage my clients to get exact estimations of their intake, as well as their breakdown for two weeks. I don't like the guessing game. Usually women on a deficit under-eat (especially protein), and people are not consistent which is main reason diets fail.

Clean eating.... what does it mean to eat clean or dirty? Who made this up? Is it possible to eat dirty? It depends on your definition of dirty. In my experience, people tend to over think clean eating. Yes, fine blame bodybuilders. We shouldn’t be too critical. My personal definition of clean eating is during our cutting phase to specify quickly that we are in “comp” mode. Let me guess? Will we get criticized for using “mode” too? A pizza, which is considered dirty or used during free meals/cheats whatever you call it, will usually make people feel tired and too full to train opposed to lets say a "clean meal", sweet potato and chicken.  Its not that we think pizza is bad, it's just not best option to achieve a certain goal with a certain amount of given calories  (especially women). For those whom eat it and feel fine well am sure their daily intake isn't less than 1500 calories to get lean and to be at a big deficit. In the end it’s all about calories in vs. calories out.  Those "clean" meals give you more volume of food, more nutrients, and overall my opinion more energy.  Now don't take it wrong, everyone should make time for some "dirty" stuff too.

I'm here to tell my story and my views. There is so much information out there and what people do best is to misinterpret. So I am sure my views will get misinterpreted or something but in the end I am here to help. My intentions are to let people know straight up how hard it is to be lean and how much society judges. Not only that, but there are different phases and categories. Also depending on your goals and needs you have to be willing to experiment.  Weight loss is simple people just make it more difficult then what it really is.

Reasons?  Well we want it now! Or we believe we can loose our core but not our booty (ladies), or we believe over training will get us BIG! I can go on forever but will keep it simple. Weight loss equals a deficit! There, that's the answer but ok? What is ever that easy! Crash diets? Sure, but cravings come back! The worst drug out there is food, in my opinion food is worse than any drug out there because it’s a NEED, it's advertised everywhere.  And great comfort foods have psychological effects on us. So learning to eat can let you have your cake and eat it too. 

Eating healthier and making wiser choices doesn't have to be boring. It really depends on your lifestyle and availability to make your meals. What I mean is, Monday thru Friday my meals might be basic, as in, I eat chicken for breakfast even for my second meal and most likely my third. It’s easy, no struggle and am at work don't have time to think. Yet when I get home I will make my protein pancakes, my burgers and maybe even some healthier version of pizza. I love to cook but many people don't. This is why I believe in being simple during the week because most likely you are busy and on weekends you can have more fun with your meals, but make sure to meet your macronutrients intake! You need to figure out what your needs are and from there plan ahead.  I picked three simple dishes that I make on the regular depending on my macros of course but when I get cravings I try to find a way to satisfy them and stay on track; posted pictures to show.

My delicious chicken sandwich, used ezekial bread.

 My favorite dessert, Protizyme Protein cake, on the side is Greek Yogurt, topped with nuts and strawberries.


Of course great source of protein my pan fried sirloin steak.

Again I just feel people are lazy or want to look for quick sources (wait that's lazy). Although you don't have to work to hard... I say if you give yourself things you love and look forward to, then you'll enjoy the journey a lot more. So see if it works for you. Want to figure out your needs and need guidance to keep you motivated. See if I am the right coach for you. Although my space is limited because I am really a hands on coach. No BS. and no lazy approach. If you truly want to learn and take your body as well mind to new heights maybe I can get you there. Dedication and consistency is key!

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