Odalys Ferreira
Born 05/13/1986
Certified Personal Trainer
And Nutritionist

    My fitness career has taken me on an unplanned journey of mental commitment.  When I was younger, I was that typical girl, the “yo-yo” dieter. The girl who just wanted to be “SKINNY”. Fit was not something I really strived for, nor looked forward to. I was the chunky girl in my family, the one people would pick on just because I loved food! I still love food, so that has not changed, but my goal in fitness has definitely evolved.

    There are so many diets out there, like the Atkins diet, the high carb-low fat diet, or maybe the diet where you only eat 2 meals all day (oh my goodness).  Even worse, the liquid diet.  And yes. I’ve tried them all!  Take it from me, they DON’T work! Unless you are just trying to get fast, unstable results and don’t really care about long term results or your overall wellbeing, these diets are not for you. 

    For my 15th birthday my mother purchased a gym membership for me (because I begged her), but little did I know this would be my new fitness beginning. As I progressed, I became obsessed with the feeling I would get after my workouts. I still had those days where I craved a pint of ice cream, some cookies, and maybe some chocolate. But going to the gym was my newfound love. However, I would realize that working out wasn’t all it took - the problem I had and didn’t recognize until much later was my nutrition.  It was not until I was 25 that I realized the importance of good nutrition – fueling your body properly so that you can get the best performance out of it.  

    I attended Queens College to study fitness nutrition and exercise sciences (FNES).  Unfortunately, due to a car accident, I had to discontinue my studies in the midst of my program.  During this recovery time, I gained a ton of weight and went back to my old yo-yo dieting ways, but then I fell in love and got pregnant. Typical romantic story, huh? Well, maybe not typical nor a happily ever after, but I am blessed with my baby girl Azaylie who is now 7 years old. 
Wow. I didn’t expect this little girl to open my eyes into caring so much about health and fitness. I not only wanted to lose all the baby weight, but I really wanted to be a role model for her. I wanted to love myself even more and to show her that beauty comes from being healthy. This drove me into becoming a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist because I wanted to learn so much more. I love being a trainer to not only motivate myself but to motivate those who feel lost or feel like they are stuck or maybe just need some type of change. I know that enlisting the help of a trainer is a big decision, but it’s one that is well worth it!  If you’re serious about fitness, health and overall learning and change, then a personal trainer is right for you. As a mentor, I build relationships with my clients so they can always count on me to guide them and help them not give up on their goals. This is why I took it to the next level and got into competing in figure competitions. My coach, a great friend and inspiration to me, told me that competing would be perfect for me, and I guess he was right.  It is my new passion and makes me a better person in every aspect in my life, especially as a trainer.

    With dedication and commitment, I have now won three shows - two within my first year of competing!  I then competed at a national show to try and win my pro card but unfortunately I got 10th place competing against hundreds of women. In my class there were over 30 women that competed and within that class, I got 2nd call out, which isn’t what I wanted but I know this experience will make me wiser and more determined for my next show. So overall I still feel accomplished and it’s not over yet! I hope to win my pro card and who knows, maybe I’ll become Miss Olympia Figure Champion one day!  Hey, if you dream hard enough and work hard then it can happen!

I am a full time mom, a full time athlete and a personal trainer. I am very passionate in what I do. I am certified in fitness, nutrition and soon will be certified in youth fitness too. Youth fitness is very important to me as well because as a mom, I want to not just lead by example, but to be able to teach other parents how to become leaders. I love competing and teaching!  I love to learn and love to inspire.  But overall I LOVE being fit and being able to have a positive influence on peoples’ lives. My daughter inspires me everyday to stay focused and succeed and to motivate my clients to achieve their goals - I want to show my clients and my daughter that if you put your heart into something you can succeed.  So if you see me at a contest, at work, or on the street, don’t hesitate to say hello and share your journey with me - that inspires me even more. 
I wish you the very best on your journey to fitness!

“You become what you believe”
Oprah Winfrey 

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