Getting and Staying ACTIVE

     I am frequently asked what’s a good way to start dieting, or start training. "What should I do?" I wished it were as easy as printing out a diet and following it and BAM! Problem solved for the rest of our lives with nutrition. As well as okay let me just do a spin class or some cardio, and BAM! I am fit and strong! Unfortunately no that isn't how it works, we are all different no one is a like.  We all have different goals and different needs. Most importantly as a coach my goal is not to allow my clients to lose so much muscle mass. I feel like the faster you get results be careful, you're probably losing a lot of muscle as well. Of course in the end it's up to you and your goals, as well as if you want to either put the weight back on because lack of knowledge. Even worse have to depend on a supplement because again lack of knowledge. 

No BS. But believing in the media, well it’s about sales in the end!
Learning to accept yourself and depending on what your goal is, then that’s the "diet" approach you should take.
Which are you looking to achieve, fat loss, maintenance, or building? Well Fat loss is a deficit, to maintain means you're eating an average caloric intake, which you expend throughout the day, and to build well sorry to burst your bubble but you need to be at a caloric surplus to make gains. So fat usually comes with gains but it can be minimal.

All of my mistakes were the main roller coaster lifestyle wanting things fast not understanding macros/calories. Why learning and weighing food is important, and to eat properly for the approach you're taking. Even if its just for a short period of time (say three weeks) to get a better educated estimate of you're intake, because in all honesty you're probably counting wrong (over or under estimations).

It’s not about being obsessed it’s about learning.  If you choose to make it a habit and part of your lifestyle in a healthy manor who am I to judge? Unfortunately people do judge.  They judge the unknown and I feel like you should just appreciate people, and as long as they're happy and healthy then embrace them. So what’s the best approach to nutrition? Count your calories then try to adjust it for your needs and to accomplish your goals. This is where hiring someone who knows how to guide you in this might be very beneficial especially since we all get nervous to eat. Good tool I use to track is myfitnesspal , it is a good way to start, just be smart when making adjustments don't ever try to lose more than .5-1lb a week.

 As far as fitness, well there is one best option for beginners... GET MOVING! I don't care what you do just MOVE. First 2 weeks make the gym a habit at least 2-3 times a week. It's all about baby steps. Once you have nutrition on a roll and are more active and got habit of going to gym, start weight training. A total body approach for beginners is a good start. Now if you can hire a trainer trust me it will be worth your investment. Do your research and see if your trainer has the quality and knowledge you're looking for. Something simple to start is something like three sets with 12-15 repetitions (where the last few should feel like a struggle). Find machine to do chest, back, shoulder, quads, hamstring, calves, bicep and triceps. Starting with basics and machine in my opinion will allow you to learn you connect with the muscle you're training. I love the bodybuilding site to help clients see the muscles and learn through the exercise videos that they post, check it out for guidance.

I really do hope that this helps you at least get started. Once you start the routine give it 2-3 week you'll see how much more energy you have. That's why I recommend maintaining calories first, then after a month maybe try a deficit at 15-20% and increase deficit from there. Remember, it's ok to get help we all need it. It is very easy for people to spend money on new gear or on useless material, but this is for your health so do your research and really consider the cost for someone who is worth it to guide you.

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